Frequently Asked Questions

How to install a Blogger template?

0. If your are using Dynamic Views, you need first go to Design (Dashboard ? Design) and then click on “Revert to previous template”.
1. Download the template and unzip the file (you can use a free unzipper software).
2. Go to your blog design section (Dashboard ? Design ? Edit HTML ).
In the new Blogger design: Dashboard ? Template ? “Manage” button.
3. Backup your previous template (Download full Template).
In the new Blogger design:
4. Find and upload the xml file.
5. If you see the following warning:
Click “keep widgets“.
6. Enjoy!


Why I can’t install a template? Blogger gives an error.

There are several possible factors that cause an error Bx-xxxx:

  • The code is directly copied, and Blogger did ‘t interpret it.
  • Temporarily Blogger  is not accepting  templates with certain codes or gadgets.

Possible solutions:

  • Remove widgets or gadgets that come with the template downloaded.
  • Clear your browser’s cookies.
  • Trying to upload the template with a different browser (Opera, Firefox, Chrome).
  • No copy and paste the code directly, upload the xml file.
  • Wait 24 hours and try again.