3 Reasons to use a WordPress Business Website over Hiring a Coder

Many businesses has a WordPress Business Website. In fact WordPress is the CMS of choice for over 73 million websites, and many of them is a Wordpress Business Website. As an open-source platform, it’s grown by staggering leaps and bounds over the past few years—and for good reason. It’s free to use, easy to figure out, and is available to basically anyone with access to a computer and the internet.

It can even be self-hosted for those among us who are ‘tech savvy’ enough to figure it out!

But what about the idea of using a WordPress business website? Does it really bring enough to the table to be useful for e-commerce, or does it leave a bit to be desired on the modern business medium of the World Wide Web?

Can you use a WordPress business site and have confidence that you’ll be taken care of two, three, or four years down the road—or will you reach a disappointing end and be forced to start over from scratch with a coder or a web-design company anyway?

In this article, we’re going to discuss this topic and give you 3 great reasons for why you should definitely consider using WordPress for your online business web-presence. Granted, WordPress might have a few shortcomings, but you may be surprised at what this open-source powerhouse can do for you on a low to medium-sized budget (or no budget at all, for that matter).

Setting up a WordPress business website is easy

WordPress is inherently easy to work with. With that being said, customizing it all by yourself can be a bit daunting!

But that’s what themes are for. And if you’re thinking of using a WordPress business site, then you’re definitely going to want to shop for some business or e-commerce themes that fit your plan and sales model.

As a general rule, you’re going to want to look for premium themes if you plan on using your website for business purposes—especially if you plan on maintaining an online storefront. It’s not uncommon to spend $60 or so on a good one—but still, this is much cheaper than hiring a coder or a web designer. We are launching a WordPress theme and plugins marketplace real soon as well, so you should be able to find some good ones there, when it’s up and running.

Thousands of plugin choices make adding e-commerce features to your website easy

If you don’t need a full-fledged theme, then you can still create a functional WordPress business website by utilizing plugins. There are quite a few good ones out there, but you might need to do some shopping around to find them.

One possible option is Selz. This is actually a free plugin that makes selling physical and digital products extremely easy—and it can be integrated into virtually any WordPress site.

Of course, your choice of plugins will depend mostly on what you plan on doing. Certain types of e-commerce might require different tools, so schedule plenty of time for research. Remember to test everything thorougly before launching, to make sure that you won’t be struggling with technical difficulties on website-launch day.

WordPress is mobile-friendly

Believe it or not, more personal internet time is now spent on mobile devices than desktop computers! In fact, in October of 2015, the average adult was spending nearly 3 hours using their mobile phones! This was up quite a bit from what it was back in 2010, when it was estimated to be somewhere around 24 minutes.

In the meantime, desktop use has pretty much remained the same—sitting right at 2.4 hours.

So what does this mean for you?

It means that if you want to successfully build and operate a WordPress business website, you’re going to have to make sure that you build it to be mobile-optimized.

But thankfully, with WordPress, that’s not a problem. From responsive admin screens, to responsive images, to fully-fleshed-out responsive themes, finding the right tools to make your site mobile-friendly shouldn’t be that big of a problem.

It is true that a bit of customization might be required to make it look as good as possible—but in general, this is another area of internet technology that WordPress has been keeping up with rather well.

Building a WordPress business website might not necessarily be hassle-free at every turn—but it’ll save you money, and the truth is that even larger businesses can make use of it and experience very professional results while doing so.


Photo Credit: www.joshmacdonald.net. Found on Flicker Creative Commons.