Free and Premium WordPress Themes

Trying to figure out wh??h WordPress theme t? u?? f?r your f?r?t blog ?r w?b??t? can be a fru?tr?t?ng and ?h?ll?ng?ng proposition. W?th ?? m?n? th?m?? t? choose from you ??n ????l? find ??ur??lf in a ???kl? ?f ??u d?n’t ?l?n ?r???rl?. Th? g??d ??rt is th?t there ?? a theme out there wh??h will f?t your ??rt??ul?r t??t??. The ?h?ll?ng? is finding ?t. D? ??u w?nt t? use the default the W?rdPr??? theme or venture ?ut ?nd bu? a ?r?m?um th?m?? M? advice ?? to do your homework first. In other words; t? make ?t ?????r f?r ??u, we ?r? g??ng t? l??t ?nd g?v? details about W?rdPr??? themes ?n ??rt??n categories.

Free and Premium WordPress Themes


W?rdPr???, without a d?ubt, ?? th? most ???ul?r bl?gg?ng ?l?tf?rm ?nd ?t ??w?r? n??rl? 20% ?f the w?b??t?? today. Numb?r? ?f n?wl? ?r??t?d w?b??t?? u??ng W?rdPr??? is gr?w?ng each d??.

W?rdPr??? ?? ?n ???n ??ur?? ??lut??n and th?r? ?r? thousands ?f developers contributing t? this gr??t ?l?tf?rm. A? a r??ult, there ?r? m?ll??n? of d?ff?r?nt th?m?? ?nd hundr?d? ?f th?u??nd? different ?lug?n? available for W?rdPr??? ?nd m??t of th?m ?r? fr??.?

If ??u w?nt t? m?k? a ?h?ng? this year, ?r ju?t w?nt ??m? recommendations in th?? d?r??t??n, ?h??k ?ut ??m? of th? b??t W?rdPr??? themes bu?lt that we’ve l??t?d h?r? b?l?w.?


A ?l??n ?nd beautiful fr?? th?m? th?t uses the l?t??t d???gn tr?nd? – Material UI Kit. It has a ?n?-??g? design w?th smooth ??r?ll?ng ?nd a m?d?rn, artistic l??k. Hestia ?l?? has ?n online ?h??, th?t borrows a bit ?f Pinterest’s design, ?nd a full-width featured slider.


  • r????n??v? design,
  • M?t?r??l UI K?t,
  • w?dg?t?z?d f??t?r,
  • W??C?mm?r?? and page builders ??m??t?b?l?t?,
  • SEO fr??ndl?,
  • S?nd?nblu? ?nt?gr?t??n (for newsletter forms),
  • L?v? Cu?t?m?z?r.
Hestia Free WordPress Theme


A clean th?m? f?r bu??n????? ?f any kind, w?th a full-??r??n ?l?d?r, a ?m??th ??r?ll?ng, and beautiful ?n?m?t??n?. Th? th?m? h?? a professional l??k, a w?dg?t?z?d footer, ?nd a ??m?l? d???gn. It ?l?? has a m?d?rn ?nd b??ut?ful interface and ??m?? w?th ??l?urful ???t??n?.


  • r????n??v? layout,
  • tr?n?l?t??n r??d?,
  • ??r?ll?x b??kgr?und?,
  • ?l?d?r ?r static image h??d?r,
  • ?????l l?nk?,
  • Google fonts.
Sydney WordPress Theme


An interactive th?m?, d???gn?d t? b? a ??ngl?-??g? th?m?. It h?? a full-w?dth image in the b??kgr?und ?nd a ??m?l? wh?t? menu b?r ?t the top. Th? m??n colors are black ?nd wh?t?, but ??m? ???t??n? ?k?? fr?m ?l????? to a m?r? vivid l?ght green, ??ll?w ?r r?d. The design ?v?r?ll ?? ?n elegant and ?l????? ?n?.


  • ?l??n and v?l?d?t?d ??d?,
  • ??r?ll?x ?ff??t,
  • WooCommerce ?nt?gr?t??n,
  • a th?m? ??t??n? panel,
  • l???l?z?t??n (??m?l?t? tr?n?l?t??n),
  • r????n??v? d???gn,
  • easy ??nt??t fun?t??n?l?t?.
Zerif Lite WordPressTheme


?Sh??i?l? ?? ?n ?l?g?nt and m?d?rn theme f?r e-commerce, w?th a full-??r??n ?l?d?r ?nd a clean design. The theme was m?d? t? b? compatible w?th ?n? kind ?f ?nl?n? shops and t? g?v? ??ur ??nt?nt a fr??h, friendly look. ShopIsle h?? a v?d?? ribbon, a ?m??th ??r?ll?ng, and a ?l???? layout, wh??h will put ??ur products in th? ???tl?ght.


  • WooCommerce ready,
  • r????n??v? d???gn,
  • ???? contact form,
  • w?dg?t?z?d footer,
  • tr?n?l?t??n r??d?,
  • v?d?? ribbon,
  • ?????l l?nk?.
Shop Isle WordPress Theme


?A modern ?nd fr??ndl? theme, bu?lt t? f?t ?n? bu??n??? ??t? – ?t?rtu??, corporate and creative bu??n?????, d?g?t?l agencies, product ?h?w?????, ?nd ?th?r v?r??u? ?nl?n? firms. On?Pr??? h?? an elegant l??k ?nd a neat one-page l???ut.


  • responsive d???gn,
  • 2 b??kgr?und slides,
  • W??C?mm?r?? support,
  • ?u?t?m page templates,
  • ??nt?nt bl??k?,
  • H?r? ???t??n,
  • ??r?ll?x ?ff??t,
  • ??m?l?t? l???l???t??n.
Onepress WordPress Theme


?A m?d?rn WordPress th?m? f?r review ?ubl???t??n?, m?g?z?n??, ?nd affiliate ??t??. It ??m?? w?th a ?l??n multipurpose ?nt?rf???, a gr??t f?t f?r technology t?????, but also f?r ?n?th?ng else ??u’d like t? f??tur? h?r?. Th? th?m? has a nice r?v??w/r?t?ng ???t?m ?r?v?d?d b? WP Pr?du?t R?v??w ?lug?n.


  • r????n??v? d???gn,
  • r????n??v? featured ?l?d?r,
  • tr?n?l?t??n r??d?,
  • ?dv?n??d r?t?ng chart (WP Pr?du?t Review ?nt?gr?t??n),
  • ??r?u??l ?l?d?r for th? ?r?du?t?,
  • w?dg?t?z?d f??t?r,
  • modern and beautiful design.


Review Zine WordPress Theme


?P?r?ll?x On? is a ??m?l? ?nd ?l?g?nt Bootstrap WordPress th?m? that ??n b? u??d for ?n? purpose. It comes with a clean ?nd b??ut?ful d???gn, ?r??t?d t? ?ut ??nt?nt f?r?t. Th? th?m?’? classy look ?? enforced b? a trendy parallax effect, h?n?? th? n?m? ?f th? th?m?. P?r?ll?x On? ??m?? w?th a ?h?? section, a ?m??th ??r?ll?ng, ?nd a m?d?rn ?????r?n??. Ov?r?ll, a highly customizable WordPress th?m?.


  • r????n??v? ?tru?tur?,
  • ??r?ll?x ?ff??t,
  • custom l?g??, ???n?, and m?nu?,
  • mult??l? ??l?ur schemes,
  • t?n? of ?????l icons,
  • Google M??? ?nt?gr?t??n.
Parallax One WordPress Theme


?ColorMag is a ?l??n and modern theme f?r m?g?z?n??, n?w?????r?, and ?ubl??h?ng ??t??. The th?m? has ?n ?l?g?nt ?nd b??ut?ful look, w?th ??l?urful butt?n?, f??tur?d ?l?d?r, and ?n intuitive ??nt?nt ?tru?tur?. ColorMag h?? a mult??ur???? d???gn, wh??h fits ?n? t???? ??u w?nt to write ?b?ut.


  • r????n??v? design,
  • primary ??l?ur,
  • boxed ?nd w?d? l???ut ??t??n,
  • W??C?mm?r?? compatibility,
  • 15+ w?dg?t areas and 5+ custom widgets,
  • 6 ?????l icons,
  • 1 ?u?t?m menu.


Colormag WordPress Theme


?A clean ?nd ?r?f?????n?l WordPress bu??n??? th?m? f?r ?m?ll f?rm?, agencies, and ?t?rtu??. It ??m?? w?th a full-w?dth h??d?r ?nd a smooth ??r?ll?x scrolling. Th? ??nt?nt is ?h?w?ng up w?th lazy l??d?ng effect.


  • r????n??v? d???gn,
  • WooCommerce ?nt?gr?t??n,
  • unlimited header images,
  • ???? ??nt??t f?rm,
  • ??? ?h?rt?,
  • parallax and l?z? l??d?ng effects,
  • SEO ?nd tr?n?l?t??n r??d?.
Pixova Lite WordPress Theme


AccessPress P?r?ll?x ?? a ?w???m? ?n?-??g? th?m? with ?m??th ?nd ?l?g?nt ??r?ll?x ??r?ll?ng ?nd a modern appearance. The th?m? f?t? ?n? business, b? ?t corporate ?r creative. It is a g??d option f?r ?n online shop and ??rtf?l?? as well. Overall, the th?m? looks b??ut?ful ?nd ??t?h?.


  • r????n??v? design,
  • multiple h??d?r l???ut?,
  • ?dv?n??d ???t ??tt?ng?,
  • ??l?ur customization,
  • CSS3 ?n?m?t??n?,
  • ??r?ll?x scrolling,
  • f??tur?d slider,
  • WooCommerce ?nt?gr?t??n.
Accesspress Parallax WordPress Theme


A m???nr? W?rdPr??? theme f?r ??r??n?l blogs, w?th a d?rk skin ?nd minimalist design. The n?m? comes from its header ?nd ?h???? ?f the ???t?. The th?m? h?? a ?l?d?-?ut l?ft m?nu ?nd a ?l???? black-and-white look, with ??l?urful buttons.


  • r????n??v? d???gn,
  • ?????l l?nk?,
  • widget r??d?,
  • elegant ?nd unique design,
  • tr?n?l?t??n ready,
  • SEO r??d?,
  • Google fonts.
Oblique WordPress Theme


Astrid ?? a b??ut?ful th?m? for small bu??n????? ?nd ?g?n????, w?th a m?d?rn ?nd catchy d???gn. It can f?t b?th ?r??t?v? ?nd ??r??r?t? ?ur?????. It h?? a ?nt?r??t?ng full-??r??n layout, w?th gr??t v??u?l ?l?m?nt?.


  • WooCommerce r??d?,
  • responsive design,
  • l?v? ?u?t?m?z?r,
  • translation ready,
  • custom w?dg?t?,
  • ??l?ur ??t??n?,
  • ??rtf?l?? ???t??n.
Astrid WordPress Theme


Ll?r?x On? ?? a b??ut?ful th?m? that h?l?? ??u bu?ld a ?l?g?nt ?nl?n? ?r???n??. It ?ff?r? a ?r?f?????n?l ??t fr??ndl? d???gn f?r ?m?ll bu??n????? ?nd ?t?rtu??. P?r?ll?x ??r?ll?ng m?k?? ?t ?v?n m?r? ?l?g?nt ?nd ?m??th. The th?m? ?ff?r? ??l?urful f?nt? and butt?n?, ?? ?t ??n b? a g??d f?t f?r a h???? ?nd j??ful t??m.


  • r????n??v? d???gn,
  • ??r?ll?x ??r?ll?ng,
  • ?n?-??g? d???gn,
  • ?????l l?nk?,
  • ?u?t?m?z?bl? r?bb?n,
  • tr?n?l?t??n r??d?.
Llorix One WordPress Theme


S?????u? ?? a m?n?m?l??t mult??ur???? WordPress th?m?, with a clean ?nd fr??ndl? l??k. Th? theme u??? colorful ???n? ?nd buttons, a boxed l???ut, a b??ut?ful featured ?l?d?r, ?nd an efficiently ?rr?ng?d content, ?? ?t can ???u?? less ?????. Th? th?m? lets ??u ?r??t? ??rtf?l??? and ?nl?n? ?h??? ?? w?ll. It can f?t any t??? ?f sites.


  • 4 ?l?d?? ?n th? slider,
  • responsive design,
  • b?x?d and wide l???ut ??t??n,
  • l?ght ?nd d?rk ??l?ur ?k?n,
  • WooCommerce compatibility,
  • mult??l? w?dg?t?.
Spacius WordPress Theme


A gr??t and ??t?h? th?m? ?r??t?d for ?h?t?gr??h?r?. It h?? a full-w?dth h??d?r image ?nd various ?h?t?gr??h? ???t??n?, presented ?n a wh?t? b??kgr?und. Th? ???t??n? ?r? ?rg?n???d by ??t?g?r???. Every post h?? a full featured ?m?g?. Wh?n you ??r?ll down they show u? with a f?d?-?n effect. Y?u ??n n?t??? th? ??m?l???t? of th?? B??t?tr?? WordPress th?m?, which m?k?? it ?l?g?nt ?nd ?l????.


  • responsive,
  • ?u?t?m?z?t??n ??t??n?,
  • translation r??d?,
  • ?h?t?-bl?g d???gn,
  • ?????l butt?n?.
Rokophoto Lite WordPress Theme


E-commerce b?????ll? means El??tr?n?? commerce wh??h r?f?r? to a wide r?ng? ?f ?nl?n? business ??t?v?t??? f?r products ?nd services. B?l?w ?r? some of th? b??t W?rdPr??? eCommerce th?m??. These th?m?? ?r? ??t?m???d t? work w?th w?d? v?r??t? ?f ?-??mm?r?? ?lug?n? ?u?h ?? WooCommerce, WP E-??mm?r?? ?nd others.?


Sh??k????r ?? a w?ll-d???gn?d ?C?mm?r?? r??d? th?m? that you ??n ?b??lut?l? u?? f?r publishing your personal ?r ??m??n? portfolio, ?h?w????ng ??ur ?r?du?t? or building a ?ff????nt ?nl?n? ?t?r? f?r ??ur bu??n???. Th?? th?m? is very fl?x?bl? ?nd ???k?d w?th options th?t m?k? website d?v?l??m?nt ?n easy t??k. It h?? a flu?d and full? responsive layout d???gn t? make ?ur? that ??ur visitors will h?v? ?n ?w???m? v??w?ng ?x??r??n?? ???h t?m? th?? g? t? your w?b??t?. You can ?l?? u?? th?? theme for ?th?r ?ur????? aside from ??tt?ng u? ?n ?nl?n? ?t?r? ?? th? th?m? ?l?? offers l???ut f?r a l?nd?ng ??g?, ??r??r?t? or ?g?n??, personal or portfolio style, full-w?dth ?l?d?r, parallax ready and ?r?du?t catalog.

In ?dd?t??n, Sh??k????r ?n?lud?? the Visual C?m????r plugin that allows ??u t? build ?dv?n??d l???ut? f?r your ???t?, pages and th? h?m???g? ?f ??ur ??t? using a dr?g and dr?? b??k ?nd fr?nt end ?d?t?r?. It ?l?? ?n?lud?? a Sl?d?r Revolution plugin t? h?l? ????l? generate ?tr?k?ng ?l?d??h?w? f?r ??ur ??nt?nt, ?r?du?t? ?nd ?m?g?? ?n ???? j?b. Sh??k????r advanced theme options ??n?l makes ?t ?????bl? for you t? change th? look of ??ur eCommerce ??t?. With th? h?l? of th? th?m?’? sticky h??d?r n?v?g?t??n, you customers w?ll ????l? f?nd th? ?r?du?t? ?r ?t?m? they ?r? l??k?ng f?r ?n ??ur w?b??t?. If ??u h?v? ?n? ?u??t??n? or concerns while ??tt?ng u? ??ur ??t?, ??u can d???nd ?n their r?l??bl? ?u?t?m?r support. Shopkeeper ?? now even f??t?r th?n ?v?r m?k?ng ?t ?n? ?f the fastest W??C?mm?r?? th?m?s available t?d??.

Shopkeeper WordPress eCommerce Theme


Un??d? is a w?rm and ?nv?t?ng, ??w?rful ?nd versatile, ?u??rbl? straightforward and ?tr??ml?n?d, b?th u??r ?nd developer friendly, r?l??bl? ?nd secure, safe and ?m?rtl? d?v?l???d, ?ng?g?ng and d?n?m??, t??h-??vv? and resourceful, extremely r????n??v? W?rdPr??? multi-concept, mult??ur???? website th?m?. Un??d? ?? a ??w?rful theme, ?nt?r?l? ????bl? out ?f th? b?x of managing ?ll ??rt? ?f w?b??t? archetypes and applications, ranging fr?m portfolios ?nd blogs t? ???h??t???t?d business ??lut??n?, du? t? its ?n?r?d?bl? fl?x?bl?, ?u?t?m?z?bl? nature ?nd h?ghl? intuitive user interface th?t ?nd u??r? ??r??? ?ll d?m?gr??h??? easily r?l?t? to ?nd g?t a h?ndl? ?n.

Un??d? includes ?n enhanced Visual C?m????r with powerful ?l?m?nt?, th? R?v?lut??n Slider ?nd L???r Slider. There’s also a ?m?z?ng, full? integrated ?nd v??u?ll? ??h???v? deployment ?f W??C?mm?r?? and other ?C?mm?r??-r?l?v?nt f??tur?? l?k? ?l?nt?ful ?h?? t?m?l?t? ??g?? ?nd commercially fr??ndl? ?h?rt??d?? ?u?h ?? Pricing Pl?n?, wh??h w?ll ??v? you tons ?f t?m? and which include extensive customization options th?ugh th? Advanced Theme O?t??n? P?n?l th?t l?t ??u f?n?-tun? your w?b??t?’? l??k ?nd feel to n? ?nd. Un??d? ?? bu?lt ?n Bootstrap, HTML5 ?nd CSS3, ?nd ??w?rful AJAX ??rtf?l?? filtering, m?k?ng ?t a perfect th?m? for ?ll sorts ?f ?C?mm?r?? w?b??t?? ??r??? a wide r?ng? ?f ?ndu?tr???.

Uncode WordPress eCommerce Theme


D?v? ?? a ?tr?ng ?nd ?xt?n??v?l? d?v?l???d, ???th?t???ll? ?ur? ?nd ?l??n and h?ghl? customizable, v?r? n??tl? ?tru?tur?d ?nd considerably user-friendly, thoughtfully d???gn?d ?nd w?nd?rfull? ?ntu?t?v?, ?r?f?????n?ll? ??m????d ?nd very l?ghtw??ght ?nd fast l??d?ng, SEO fr??ndl? ?nd Retina r??d? r????n??v? WordPress mult?-??n???t, multipurpose website th?m?. D?v? ?? a superbly th?r?ugh and ?mb?t??u?l? ?x??n??v? theme, a v??t ?nd comprehensive ?ll-?n?lu??v? website bu?ld?ng ??lut??n for websites large ?nd small, ??r??n?l ?nd ?r?f?????n?l, commercial ?r corporate, ?nd webmasters r??k?? and ?????n?d alike.

D?v? Bu?ld?r which is included w?th th?m? features over 40 un??u?, customizable ??nt?nt m?dul? bl??k? readily ?v??l?bl? f?r ??u t? drag and drop into the project as you h?nd ?r?ft your ??g?? to ?u?t ??ur every n??d or simply ?d?t and fiddle about w?th th? dozens ?f ??r?full? ?r???nf?gur?d template ??g?? for ?ll sorts ?f ?ur?????. Divi ?? particularly powerful wh?n d??l???d as ?n eCommerce th?m?. Its many, v?r??t?l? d?m? w?b??t?? include several ???h??t???t?d and sleek ?C?mm?r?? purposed w?b??t??, featuring ??rt?, ?r?du?t ??g??, AJAX ??w?r?d searches ?nd dynamic filtering ?nd W??C?mm?r?? ?u?t? ??m??t?b?l?t? for th? full bl?wn WordPress ?C?mm?r?? ?x??r??n??, r?ght ?ut ?f th? b?x, w?th?ut h?v?ng t? write a ??ngl? line ?f ??d? ??ur??lf.

DIVI WordPress Theme

Download DIVI - Affiliate link


J?v?l?n ?? a robust ?nd reliable, ?ntu?t?v? and ???? t? u??, r???ur??ful and f??tur?-r??h, r??d?l? r????n??v? W?rdPr??? ?r?m?um mult??ur???? w?b??t? th?m?. J?v?l?n is w?ll-?u?t?d t? t??kl? the d?m?nd? ?f a br??d r?ng? ?f website ?r?h?t???? ?nd u??g? ????? w?th utter ???? ?nd w?th?ut th? h???l? of having t? d? ?n? ??d?ng ??ur??lf. Jevelin ?? ???k?d w?th ?w???m? demo w?b??t?? ?nd ??g? t?m?l?t?? that save ??u t?n? of t?m? and effort ?n ??tt?ng up your websites, ?nd w?th the included d?m? image ??nt?nt in h?gh r???lut??n, ??ur site ?? ready t? g? l?v? ?? ???n as ??u ?dd your content and f?n??h all ??ur d???r?d gr??h???l ?u?t?m?z?t??n. J?v?l?n ?? ?d??l f?r w?bm??t?r? looking t? create h?nd? modern ?nl?n? shops w?th ?ll th? f??tur?? ??u’d expect ?f a competent ?nl?n? ?t?r?fr?nt ?n today’s m?rk?t ?nd mu?h m?r? und?r the h??d.

R??d? t? ??rv??? d??l? deals m?rk?t?l???? as ????l? ?? handcrafted g??d? ?t?r?? or d?g?t?l ?r?du?t m?rk?t?ng, J?v?l?n’? ??mm?r???l ????b?l?t???, ??w?r?d b? th? industry ?t?nd?rd W??C?mm?r?? eCommerce ?lug?n ?u?t? empower ??u t? m?rk?t ??ur w?r?? to the w?rld ?t l?rg? w?th?ut a h?t?h, and with eloquent visual ?t?l?ng t? boot.

Jevelin WordPress eCommerce Theme


Th?G?m ?? a h?ghl? innovative and d???l? attractive, seamlessly m?d?rn ?nd very ?t?l??h, r???dl? r????n??v? W?rdPr??? creative mult??ur???? website th?m?. Th?G?m ?? a splendid toolkit f?r th? d?v?l??m?nt ?f ???h??t???t?d w?b??t?? ??r??? a ????trum of ?????bl? ???l???t??n? ?nd f??ld? of interest, w?th dedicated t??l? f?r diverse scenarios ?nd n??????t??? th?t adapt ??rf??tl? t? w?b??t?? ?n the ??r??n?l, ?r?f?????n?l, business or ??r??r?t? ??h?r?? w?th ????.

TheGem packs ?v?r 40 unique conceptual d?m?? f?r ??u to g?t ?t?rt?d w?th, ???h a d?ff?r?nt interpretation of Th?G?m’? ?b?l?t??? and ??rv???ng a d?ff?r?nt ?ur???? but ?d??t?bl? t? all thanks t? th? Visual C?m????r ?nd Th?G?m’? set ?f ?v?r 60 un??u? VC ?l?m?nt? w?th over 250 customizable ??tt?ng? f?r them. S?tt?ng up ?h?? online ?? ?????r th?n ever b?f?r? w?th Th?G?m, du? t? ?t? visually ?nt?gr?t?d ?m?l?m?nt?t??n of the W??C?mm?r?? eCommerce ?lug?n suite, wh??h, ??mb?n?d with dozens ?f h?nd??m? ?h?? ??g? styles and a m?r??d ?u?t?m?z?bl? ??t??n? f?r your ?r?du?t ??t?l?gu??, ?m?g? g?ll?r??? ?nd ?r?du?t ??rtf?l???, Th?G?m ?? a modern, proficient marketer of just about any ?r?du?t? ?r ??rv????. WPML ?n?bl?d from th? ?t?rt, Th?G?m ?? ???k?g?d with thr?? l?ngu?g? ?lt?rn?t?v?? and ??n be ?x??nd?d to ju?t ?b?ut any l?ngu?g? with utt?r ????.

TheGem WordPress eCommerce Theme


Handmade is a crafty, ?l?v?r and r????n??v? W?rdPr??? ?C?mm?r?? online store website th?m?. H?ndm?d? ?? a feature-rich fr?m?w?rk for ?r?ft?ng awesome ?nl?n? ?t?r??. Y?u do not need t? know a th?ng ?b?ut ??d?ng to u?? H?ndm?d? l?k? a pro. W?th ?lug?n? l?k? the V??u?l Composer, ?t?l?ng your pages is a w?lk ?n the ??rk. Tons ?f custom ?h?rt??d?? ?nd elements ?r? at ??ur d??????l. Ch???? fr?m dozens ?f ?n?m?t??n? and transitions; ?dd ??d?b?r? and dr??-d?wn menus ?nd m?r?.

W?th th? Revolution Slider, ??u ??n k??? th?ng? d?n?m?? and ??ur ?ud??n?? ?ng?g?d. But Handmade’s r??l strength is a br??d set ?f ??mm?r???l capabilities ??w?r?d b? W??C?mm?r??. H?ndm?d? ???k? ?h????ng ??rt? and ?h??k?ut ?r???????, ???m?nt gateways and f?r b???nd. W?th t?n? ?f ?dv?n??d ??t??n?, ??u ??n style ??ur H?ndm?d? ?t?r?? ?n? w?? ??u want within a few clicks. Handmade ?n?lud?? eight ?w???m? h?m???g? d?m? websites ??u ??n ?n?t?ll w?th a single click. Th?? ?r? ??rf??t f?r a range of d?ff?r?nt commercial ?r?j??t?. Fr?m artisanal ?t?r?? to ?ff?l??t? marketplaces, f??h??n retail ?utl?t?, and m?r?. Handmade ?? a f??t-l??d?ng th?m? too, b???u?? ?f ?t? optimized HTML5 ??d?b???. It keeps ??ur server l??d? l?ght ?v?n dur?ng ???k traffic ??nd?t??n?.

Handmade WordPress eCommerce Theme


M?r?h?nd???r is a ?l?v?r ?nd ??n????, sophisticated yet simple, ?ntu?t?v? and ?nt?ll?g?nt, rapidly responsive W?rdPr??? ??mm?r???l multipurpose W??C?mm?r?? w?b??t? theme. M?r?h?nd???r is a d?d???t?d w?b??t? bu?ld?ng ?l?tf?rm ?x?lu??v?l? centered u??n ?r?v?d?ng m?d?rn, ?????l?ng, ???ml??? w?b??t?? with a ?r?f?und ?b?l?t? to d??l ?n online commerce ?n myriad ways ?nd for a thousand d?ff?r?nt niches and m?rk?t?. M?r?h?nd???r h?? the r?ght ??mb?n?t??n ?f features, plugins, ??g? templates ?nd ?l?m?nt? t? m?k? the process of bu?ld?ng and designing ??ur own un??u? online ?h?? w?b??t? a ????d? matter. Th? V??u?l Composer ?nd Live Cu?t?m?z?r make ?h?rt w?rk of ?ll l???ut ?u?t?m?z?t??n, ??d?d by a r?ng? ?f attractive l???ut t?m?l?t??.

Th? ?ntu?t?v? d??l??m?nt of ?dv?n??d f??tur??, ?u?h ?? th? ?ng?g?ng ?nd mobile-friendly Off-C?nv?? Shopping Cart ?? w?ll ?? the Off-Canvas Qu??k V??w f?r ???nn?ng ?nd?v?du?l ?r?du?t d?t??l? ?n ?n instant m?k? f?r a ?m??th and ?l????nt ?nd-u??r br?w??ng ?x??r??n?? that results in ?n?r????d r?turn v???t? and m?r? business ?n th? l?ng run. W?th thorough WooCommerce integration, Merchandiser ?? ready ?ut of the b?x f?r you to start churning out m?r?h?nd??? ?nd ??ll??t?ng payments fr?m a w??lth ?f d?v?r?? ??ur???, m?x?m???ng ??ur revenue ?ll ?r?und.

Merchandiser WordPress eCommerce Theme


KALLYAS ?? a resourceful and v??t, flexible and pliable, m?d?rn ?nd ??m?r?h?n??v?, w?nd?rfull? responsive W?rdPr??? mult??ur???? website theme. KALLYAS ?? th? result of ?n ?xt?n??v?, d?d???t?d d???gn and d?v?l??m?nt ?r?????, r??ult?ng ?n a massive, ?mb?t??u?l? w?d?-???nn?ng w?b??t? building tool th?t quickly lends ?t??lf to a h??t of applications, fr?m ??r??n?l to professional, ??r??r?t? to ??mm?r???l, KALLYAS ?? ????bl? of d??ng it ?ll. Within the r??lm of ?nl?n? ??mm?r?? w?b??t??, KALLYAS is peculiarly t?l?nt?d, ??n??d?r?ng its out of th? b?x ?nt?gr?t??n of th? industry ?t?nd?rd W??C?mm?r?? ?-C?mm?r?? ?lug?n ?u?t? ?nd ?t? v??u?ll? ?nd gr??h???ll? ??h???v? ?r???nt?t??n ?n th? form ?f beautiful ready-made ?nl?n? ?h?? ??g? templates th?t are full? functional and r??d? t? g? live fr?m d?? one, following a ??m?l?f??d ?m??rt?t??n ?r????? ?nd th?n simply adding your ?r?du?t ??t?l?gu?.

W?th incredibly dynamic and highly ?u?t?m?z?bl? product ??rtf?l?? ??t??n? ?nd a myriad portfolio template ??g??, showcasing your products t? a massive ?nl?n? ?ud??n?? never has b??n ?????r t? ??h??v? in th? utmost ?t?l? and ?u?l?t?. A th?r?ughl? r????n??v? Bootstrap based coding m?k?? KALLYAS n?t?v?l? ?r??? compatible with d?v????, ?l?tf?rm? ?nd ???r?t?ng ???t?m? ??r??? th? b??rd, ?n?t?ntl? expanding ??ur customer base.

Kallyas WordPress eCommerce Theme


Br?nx ?? a ?l??n ?nd simple WooCommerce th?m? that ??u ??n use for building a ?tr?k?ng eCommerce w?b??t? th?t w?ll dr?w m?r? ?u?t?m?r? t? your bu??n???. W?th its ??m?l? layout ?nd ??untl??? th?m? tools ?nd options, ??u g?t unlimited d???gn possibilities f?r ??ur ?nl?n? ?t?r?. It ?? very responsive to different types of devices ?u?h as d??kt??, tablet or m?b?l? phone. Br?nx ?? fast to ?n?t?ll ?nd ?u?t?m???. Th?? th?m? ?ll?w? site ?wn?r? t? ?xt?nd their ?r?du?t ??g?, so th?? ??uld ?ff??t?v?l? ?h?w???? th? features ?f th??r ?r?du?t ?nd ?nv?t? m?r? ??t?nt??l ?u?t?m?r? to ?x?m?n? ?nd ?ur?h??? th??r product. D???nd?ng ?n ??ur business’ n??d?, ??u ??n choose from two d?ff?r?nt product ??g? l???ut.

Th? Visual C?m????r ?nt?gr?t?d ?nt? th?? th?m? makes ?r??t?ng unique w?b ??g?? and ?r?du?t ??g?? a breeze. Th? V??u?l C?m????r ?? a dr?g ?nd dr?? fr?nt?nd ?nd b??k?nd ??g? builder ?lug?n th?t m?k?? web d?v?l??m?nt f??t?r and ?????r. M?k?ng an impression on your t?rg?t customer is ???? because this th?m? includes Slider R?v?lut??n ?lug?n th?t ?ll?w? you to ?r??t? r????n??v? ?nd ???-??t?h?ng h?m???g? l???ut. Br?nx also ??m?? w?th several header ??t??n?, ??u ??n set u? a h??d?r w?th background, header w?th?ut a b??kgr?und, user-friendly t?? n?v?g?t??n ?l?m?nt ?r fixed header. M??t ?m??rt?ntl?, Br?nx ?? WooCommerce ??m??t?bl? t? h?l? ??u ??t u? a d???nt ?nl?n? ?t?r? for ??ur business. With its awesome blog ??t??n?, you can n?w bl?g ?n style. S?m?l? ?h???? between m???nr? and ?l????? bl?g l???ut. M?r??v?r, ?t ?? full? ??m??t?bl? with WPML ?? th?t ??u can sell ??ur ?r?du?t? worldwide in any currency. Ar? ??u ?l?nn?ng t? l?un?h a new line? Y?u can now ?h?w???? th?m b? creating Lookbooks th?t ??n be ?d?t?d w?th?ut ?n? h???l? u??ng V??u?l C?m????r.

Bronx WordPress eCommerce Theme


V?r??t?l? and user-friendly, K?l?um ?? ?n? ?f th? b??t multipurpose W??C?mm?r?? themes on W?rdPr???. Its ?tr?ngth ??m?? from a d?v?r?? set ?f f??tur??, working together to ?r?v?d? fl?x?b?l?t? and a w??lth ?f personalization ??tt?ng?. Th?r? ?r? ?v?r 600 Google f?nt?, w?th th? ??t??n t? ?dd ??r??n?l???d f?nt? thr?ugh th? ?dm?n ??n?l. K?l?um h?? a ?k?n for ?v?r? ???????n, ?? ?t is capable of ?d??t?ng to your n??d?. This assures th?t ??ur ??t? will ?lw??? match ??ur v????n. Y?u can ?dd ?n?th?r d?m?n???n t? ??ur content, by implementing ??m? of th? ??????l ???n f?nt?. Th?r? are four ???k?g??, with a total ?f 800 ???n? ?ff?r?d. In ?dd?t??n, f??t?r v?r??t??n? ?r? ?v??l?bl?: ??r??r?t?, m?n?m?l and simple.

T?d??’? ?nl?n? m?rk?t must adapt t? th? r???ng ???ul?r?t? ?f m?b?l? d?v????. K?l?um is completely r????n??v?, given that it looks amazing on ?ll platforms. Be ?t t?bl?t? ?r smartphones, ??ur pages will always ?m?r??? visitors. Adm?n? ??n b?n?f?t fr?m this ?? w?ll. M?b?l? ???????b?l?t? ?ll?w? them to u?d?t? ?nd manage ??nt?nt wh?l? th?? ?r? on th? m?v?. Of course, your ??t? w?ll r????nd t? t?u?h ??n??r commands. High-quality ???n? and images are featured, and th?? were thoroughly t??t?d ?n ?rd?r t? ???ur? th?t they ?r? Retina-ready.

Kalium WordPress eCommerce Theme


XSt?r? ?? a v?r??t?l? ?nd ?r??t?v?, v??u?ll? stunning and very ???? t? use, tech-savvy and fl?x?bl?, readily r????n??v? W?rdPr??? multipurpose WooCommerce website th?m?. XStore has b??n d?v?l???d ?? a mult?-t?l?nt?d, ??l?f???t?? ?nd h?ghl? adaptable ??lut??n for w?bm??t?r? ?f any b??kgr?und and ?x??r??n?? l?v?l ???k?ng t? create fun?t??n?l, modern ?nd competent ?nl?n? store websites, d?g?t?l ?utl?t?, ?nl?n? wholesale w?b??t?? or ?n? sort ?f e-Commerce v?ntur? imaginable. XStore exists ?? th?t ??u can speedily ?nd ?ff????ntl? craft ??w?rful e-Commerce websites across ?ll n??h?? ?nd m?rk?t? in a matter ?f m?nut??, without having to wr?t? a l?n? ?f ??d?.

T? th?t end, XStore has b??n ??u????d with a v??t ensemble ?f marvelously d???gn?d, h??v?l? manicured ?nd polished d?m? w?b??t?? ?nd ??g? templates, which you ??n readily ?m??rt w?th a ??ngl? click ?nd ?u?t?m?z? thr?ugh the V??u?l C?m????r ?r with th? Sl?d?r R?v?lut??n ?r C?nt??t Form 7 ?lug?n?, ?lu? a multitude ?f w?dg?t? and ?h?rt??d?? ?????f???ll? aimed t?w?rd? online ??mm?r?? ?nd commercial v?ntur??. XSt?r? has b??n purposefully designed t? be versatile ?nd l?ghtw??ght, w?th a modular Bootstrap coding underpinning ?n HTML5 ?nd CSS3 foundation th?t k???? th?? WooCommerce ?n?bl?d w?nd?r ?h?r? ?nd ?nn?v?t?v?, with b?ld tr?n??t??n? ?nd ?n?m?t??n?, n?t?v? handling ?f ?tr??m?ng v?d?? ?nd much m?r?.

Xstore WordPress eCommerce Theme


Pl?nn?ng ?n starting u? a n?w blog ???n? If ??u ?r? f?nd?ng ?t r?th?r d?ff??ult t? g?t th? ??rf??t W?rdPr??? bl?g th?m?; well I’v? ?ut together ??m? of th? best W?rdPr??? blog themes f?r ??u. Hopefully, after br?w??ng thr?ugh the l??t, ??u will g?t th? ??rf??t f?t for your bl?g.


If ??u’r? a ?h?t?gr??h?r ?r w?rk ?n a ?r??t?v? field, Luke + Sara ?? a ?d??l fit. Th?? minimalist and ??l??h?d th?m? f??tur?? a clean design, full-w?dth v?d?? ?nd ??rt?bl? ?m?g?? galleries. It’? ?l?? pre-configured w?th ?ll the things ??u n??d f?r ??ll?ng your services ?nl?n?, ?n?lud?ng a custom-built pricing t?bl? and ??g?, and ???l ?u?t?m G??gl? m??? colorization.

Luk? + S?r? ?l?? h?? beautiful f?nt? (th?t ??u ??n ?h?ng?, ?f course), but what I love ?b?ut this theme is th? f??u? ?n big, b?ld ?m?g?r? – it’s wh?r? the th?m? really ?h?n??.

Luke+Sara WordPress Blog Theme


Here’s a g?rg??u? th?m? th?t not only b?l?n??? inspiring ?m?g?r? with clean t???gr??h? ?nd a w?ll-th?ught ?ut one-page design. S??r?t ??m?? with lots ?f pre-built custom elements, l?k? g?ll?r???, contact forms, t??t?m?n??l?, and blog ?nd ?b?ut pages. It ?l?? h?? an incredible “????t?l” color palette th?t is ?tunn?ng, but ??u ??n ?h?ng? th?? u? w?th your ?wn ??ll??t??n ?f colors.

It g??? w?th?ut ????ng th?t this theme is r????n??v? ?nd translation-ready (all g??d th?m?? ?r?), ?nd can b? ??m?l?t?l? ?u?t?m???d th?nk? t? th? Upfront th?m? platform th? theme h?? b??n bu?lt ?n.

Spirit WordPress Blog Theme


F?x?r ?? a bold, loud theme that ??r??m? color – ?nd ??n be completely customized to ?u?t ??ur ??l?tt?. This flat th?m? ?? so ??m?l? ?nd ?ff?r? l?rg? h??d?r? and body text th?t’? ???? t? r??d for l?ng ??r??d? ?f time – ?d??l f?r ?n? bl?g th?t wants t? k??? r??d?r? around. It’s ideal f?r long reads and ?n?lud?? a r????n??v? d???gn ?? r??d?r? ??n jum? fr?m d?v??? to d?v???? w?th n? ?r?bl?m?.

Th?? theme u??? R?l?w??, a ?l?g?nt sans ??r?f t???f??? th?t gr?b? ??ur attention ?nd ?? a d?l?ght t? r??d, but ?l?? ?r?v?d?? a mu?h-n??d?d contrast t? F?x?r’? otherwise right-angled ?t?l?.

Fixer WordPress Blog Theme


An?th?r WordPress bl?g th?m? worth checking out f?r ??ur next blog ?? ??ll?d Scribe. It’? a sophisticated ??t ??m?l? r????n??v? th?m? th?t f??tur?? w?rm ??l?ur? and ?ff?r? a ??r??n?l???d ?nd ?uth?nt?? d???gn ???r???h.

Th? t???f???? u??d ?r? trul? l?v?l? – C?nt?t? One a fl?w?ng sans-serif ??r??t f?r paragraph styles, ?nd L?t?, f?r an easy reading ?x??r??n??. S?r?b? ?l?? f??tur?? ?u?t?m ?????l ???n? in both th? h??d?r ?nd footer, m?k?ng ?t ???? to ?r?m?t? ??ur bl?g ?n ?????l m?d??. Ev?r? element ?f th?? theme is ?u?t?m?z?bl?, too, so you ??n ?w?t?h colors, ?h?ng? f?nt?, move th? navigation ?r?und ?nd ?n?th?ng ?l?? you ??n dr??m u?!

Scribe WordPress Blog Theme


If a Tumblr-?t?l? bl?g ?? what ??u ar? looking f?r, SuevaFree ?? a good option. It ???rt? a r????n??v? design th?t’? ?d??l f?r ?h?w?ng ?ff ??ur best ??nt?nt without anything ?xtr? g?tt?ng ?n th? way. The masonry l???ut ?ll?w? for a grid-style presentation that puts ??ur content at the r??d?r’? f?ng?rt???.

It ?l?? f??tur?? unl?m?t?d ??d?b?r?. A premium v?r???n ?f th?? th?m? ?? ?v??l?bl? ?? w?ll th?t ??m?? w?th sliders ?nd two child th?m??.

SuevaFree WordPress Blog Theme


L??k?ng to create ?n ?nl?n? ?h?t?gr??h? ??rtf?l?? to ?h?w off ??ur ?k?ll? ?nd ?r?m?t? your ??rv????? There’s a numb?r of th?ng? you’ll need t? ??n??d?r, ?u?h as ?n?ur?ng ??ur photographs ?r? ?r???nt?d ?n th? best l?ght ?????bl?. However, wh?n it ??m?? to choosing th? ??rf??t WordPress th?m? f?r ??ur ??t?, th?r?’? also a numb?r ?f n?t-?u?t?-??-?bv??u? things to k??? ?n m?nd, such as ??d? ?u?l?t?, ?nl?n? d??um?nt?t??n ?nd support, ?nd, of course, additional f??tur??.

T? h?l? you ?ut, I’v? put t?g?th?r a l??t ?f WordPress ?h?t?gr??h? th?m??, m?n? of which b???t a range ?f appealing functionality, ?n?lud?ng multiple g?ll?r? l???ut?, full-??r??n ?l?d??h?w tools, ?C?mm?r??, ?nd h???? ?f ?u?t?m?z?t??n ??t??n?. T?k? a l??k b?l?w.


In???r? fr?m WPZ??m ?? a ?r?f?????n?l ?h?t?gr??h? theme that g?v?? ??u th? opportunity t? m?k? a b?g impact ?n ??ur visitors b? gr??t?ng th?m with a full-screen v?r???n ?f ?n? of your best photos ?r videos.

Wh?n u??ng th?? th?m?, ??ur h?m???g? can m?k? u?? ?f th? ???ul?r one-page l???ut. In th?? m?d?, as your v???t?r? scroll down the ??g?, ??u have the ??t??n ?f d???l???ng ??ur ??rtf?l?? g?ll?r?, ?nf?rm?t??n ?b?ut ??ur ??rv????, blog ??nt?nt, ?nd ?v?n products fr?m your ??t??n?l online store.

Oth?r features ?f In???r? include:

  • Cu?t?m h?m???g? l???ut bu?ld?r
  • Ph?t? and video ?l?d??h?w t??l
  • Mult??l? photo gallery l???ut?
  • Full? m?b?l? responsive l???ut
  • Selection of ?u?t?m w?dg?t? f?r displaying photos
  • Full W??C?mm?r?? support f?r adding ?n online ?t?r?
  • Support for ??r??n?l?z?t??n through the Cu?t?m?z?r t??l
Inspiro WordPress Photography Theme


If w?rd? ?nd ???tur?? ?r? ??ur th?ng, then the ?t?r?t?ll?ng capabilities ?f Inf?n?t?, by m??t?r WordPress-theme-creators Themify, w?ll d?f?n?t?l? ?????l. Th?? theme includes a ??w?rful page builder tool that m?k?? ?t easy to ?r??t? flexible ??g? l???ut?. B? u??ng th?? t??l to ??mb?n? your ?h?t?gr??h? and t?xt, you’ll b? ?bl? t? ?ubl??h ?rt??l?? that really tell a story. Th? demo fashion ??g? ?? a great ?x?m?l? ?f wh?t th?? th?m? has t? offer

Other f??tur?? ?f Inf?n?t? ?n?lud?:

  • V?d?? b??kgr?und?
  • Inf?n?t? ??r?ll for images galleries ?nd ???t?
  • Th?m?f? dr?g and drop ??g? bu?ld?r t??l
  • S?l??t??n ?f home and l?nd?ng page l???ut?
  • Slide ?ut ??d?b?r areas
  • E??? d?m? ??nt?nt ?m??rt
  • Full W??C?mm?r?? support f?r ??ll?ng ?r?du?t? online
Infinite WordPress Photography Theme


Ex???ur? has b??n bu?lt w?th a ?????f?? ?ur???? ?n m?nd: t? h?l? ??u ?r?m?t? ??ur ?nl?n? ?h?t?gr??h? bu??n???. Fr?m th? ??rtf?l?? sections, thr?ugh t? the ?r???ng page, ??u g?t ?l?nt? ?f opportunities to ?r?m?t? ??ur b??t w?rk, wh?l? ?l?? t?k?ng care ?f the bu??n??? ??d? ?f things. Ex???ur? lets ??u publish a b??k?ng calendar t? ?h?r? ??ur ?v??l?b?l?t? with ??t?nt??l ?l??nt?, wh?l? ?l?? including a booking f?rm f?r arranging ?h??t?.

Ex???ur? l?t? ??u publish a b??k?ng ??l?nd?r to ?h?r? ??ur availability w?th ??t?nt??l clients, while ?l?? including a booking f?rm for ?rr?ng?ng shoots.

Other features of Ex???ur? ?n?lud?:

  • Su???rt f?r ??t??n?l homepage v?d?? b??kgr?und?
  • Text ?nd image slider t??l
  • Selection ?f ?r?bu?lt contact forms
  • T??t?m?n??l m?n?g?m?nt ?nd publishing t??l
  • L?br?r? of shortcodes for ?n??rt?ng useful elements ?nt? ??ur content
  • Fully mobile r????n??v? l???ut for portfolio br?w??ng ?n ?m?rt?h?n?? and tablets
  • E-??mm?r?? ?u???rt f?r selling ??ur ?r?j??t? ?nd services thr?ugh ??ur website
Exposure WordPress Photography Theme


The highlight ?f th? E?l??t???n th?m?, b? CSSIgn?t?r, ?? ?t? ???r???h to w?rk?ng w?th projects. Th?? allows ??u t? ?r??t? multiple projects, w?th each project ??nt??n?ng ?ll ?f th? ?h?t?? fr?m a particular ?h??t. D???r??t?v? text can b? ?dd?d t? each ?m?g? to ?u???rt th? ?r?j??t? ?nd g?ll?r???.

The d?f?ult h?m???g? layout of E?l??t???n m?k?? ?t easy f?r your visitors t? br?w?? th? projects, before d?v?ng ?n to v??w th? ?nd?v?du?l photographs ?nd th??r accompanying descriptions.

Oth?r f??tur?? of E?l??t???n ?n?lud?:

  • H?m???g? ?r?j??t ?l?d??h?w tool
  • M?n?m?l d???gn to let your work take ??ntr? ?t?g?
  • E??? ??r??n?l?z?t??n through th? Cu?t?m?z?r tool
  • F?x?d sidebar n?v?g?t??n bar
  • Fully mobile r????n??v? t? cater to all u??r?
Eclecticon WordPress Photography Theme


Ph?t?g?n??, by Ob?x Themes, gives ??ur ?h?t?? ?l?nt? ?f room t? breathe ?n the ??g?, th?nk? to its ?l??n ?nd minimal l???ut. However, b? ?l??k?ng ?n the t??lt?? ???n, ??ur v???t?r? can v??w ?dd?t??n?l ?nf?rm?t??n ?b?ut ?n? ?f the ?m?g?? that ??t?h th??r eye.

This photography theme ?l?? includes full In?t?gr?m ?u???rt, ?ll?w?ng you to d???l?? photos from your feed in bl?g ???t? and g?ll?r???.

Other features of Photogenic ?n?lud?:

  • Mult??l? ?h?t? gallery l???ut?
  • W?dg?t?z?d ??g? bu?ld?r t??l
  • An EXIF d?t? v??w?r
  • Ind?v?du?l ?h?t? links f?r ???? ?h?r?ng
  • L?t? of ??r??n?l?z?t??n options through th? Customizer
  • Full? responsive f?r access ?n ?ll ??r??n sizes
Photogenic WordPress Photography Theme


Pr?m?um WordPress th?m?? are b?????ll? paid W?rdPr??? th?m??. W?th gr??t?r v?r??t? ?nd numb?r? ?f paid ?r?m?um WordPress th?m?? also comes v?r??ng l?v?l? ?f ?u?l?t?. S? wh?t ?x??tl? m?k?? a premium W?rdPr??? theme ?r?m?um ?nd w?rth the money ??u h?v? t? pay f?r ?t? Th??? are ??m? features that ?h?uld set a ?r?m?um W?rdPr??? th?m? apart from a free theme; unique design, quality, sophistication, full ?u???rt?ng documentation, full support, flexibility ?nd customization ??t??n?, f??tur??, w?ll coded ?nd n? ?rr?r? ?? well ?? free u?d?t??.

In th? f?ll?w?ng list, ??u w?ll b? able t? r??d all about the b??t Pr?m?um WordPress th?m??. Our short r?v??w? w?ll h?l? ??u d???d? wh??h one ?f th??? th?m?? is th? b??t fit f?r ??u. Each ?f th?m h?? ?????f?? f??tur?? that will b? u??ful for th? k?nd ?f site ??u w?nt t? run. All ?f them ?r? ????l? customizable ?nd can b? ?d??t?d f?r any ?ur????. S?, ??u will surely f?nd th? ??rf??t Pr?m?um W?rdPr??? th?m? f?r ??ur website.


Category: eCommerce, Bu??n???, Portfolio, G?ll?r?

It’? called th? X Th?m? ?nd th??’r? dubb?ng it ?? th? th?m? ?f 2017 – combining elements of ?r?m?um d???gn and fun?t??n?l?t?, ?n?bl?ng ??u t? create unl?m?t?d websites u??ng the ??m? ??r? theme. Intr?du??d in early 2014, the th?m? b???m? an instant success ?n th? ?nl?n? m?rk?t?l??? receiving positive reviews by m?n? h?gh ?r?f?l? internet marketers. The X Th?m? really has it all!

The X Theme WordPress Premium Theme


C?t?g?r?: Multi-purpose (special ?v?nt?, ??rtf?l??, business, ??????l ?nt?r??t?, ?C?mm?r??, IM)

Alth?ugh Divi ??uld b? r?g?rd?d ?? a mult?-?ur???? ?r?m?um WP theme, ?t’? ???????ll? r???mm?nd?d for u?? for l?f? m?rk?r ?v?nt? ?u?h ?? w?dd?ng?, ?r special interest sites such as th??? created f?r ??r?nt?ng ?dv??? ?nd tips. It’? also excellent f?r promoting ?r?du?t? ?nd services through ?t? custom ???t t????. Th?? th?m? h?? tw? h?m???g? l???ut? ?v??l?bl?, t?g?th?r w?th mult?-??g? t?m?l?t??.

DIVI WordPress Premium Theme


Category: Ph?t?gr??h?, P?rtf?l??, G?ll?r?

Ph?t??r?t? ?? a l??d?ng th?m? ?l?tf?rm specializing ?n the photography niche. It ?r?v?d?? a ?l?tf?rm ?f th?m?? & templates wh??h ?n?lud? a bu?lt-?n g?ll?r? system, a ?h?t?gr??h? ??t??n? ??n?l and mu?h more. Id??l f?r photographers and h?ghl? customizable, Ph?t??r?t? has a great r???rd!

Photocrati WordPress Premium Theme


Category: eCommerce, Business, P?rtf?l??, G?ll?r?

Boundless is a m?d?rn l???ut with ??r?ll?x effects. Ut?l???ng th? ??w?r of HTML5 ?nd CSS3, it br?ng? you a b??ut?ful d???gn w?th a ?xtr?m?l? l?ghtw??ght code, wh??h enables f??t loading t?m??. Th? R?v?lut??n ?l?d?r will astonish ??ur v???t?r?, ?nd ??u’ll b? ?m?z?d by ?t? num?r?u? f??tur??: animations, custom icons, pricing t?bl??, ?nd much m?r?.

Boundless WordPress Premium Theme


Category: Multipurpose, P?rtf?l??, Bu??n???, Ph?t?gr??h?

B?Th?m? ?? a m?d?rn multipurpose th?m? with a r????n??v? and v?r? beautiful d???gn. Wh?n w? say mult??ur????, w? mean ?t! BeTheme ?? perhaps one ?f the m??t complete themes ?nd g?v?? ??u a large ?rr?? ?f ??t??n? for building ??ur next website. On? indication ?f this is th?t ?v?r 55 d?ff?r?nt d?m?? ?r? ?n?lud?d in the purchase of the th?m?. This th?m? ?? extremely ???ul?r and r????v?? r?v? r?v??w? for d???gn, functionality ?nd ?u???rt.

Betheme WordPress Premium Theme


C?t?g?r?: Bl?g, N?w?, C?r??r?t?

A v?r??t?l? magazine ?t?l?d t?m?l?t? w?th num?r?u? ??nt?nt modules, ?h?rt-??d??, and ?t?l?? ?ll?w?ng you to fully ??ntr?l ??ur th?m?’? fr?nt & b??k ?nd ????l?. Cr??t?d b? th? br?ll??nt gu?? over ?t El?g?nt Th?m??, Nexus m?k?? ?t simple to bl?g a gr??t ?m?unt of content ?n a m?g?z?n?, hassle-free ?t?l?, wh??h ?n addition t? ?ld ?r?nt-?t?l? d???gn, brings ?n ?dg? t? th? t?bl?. W?th a gr?d l???ut, r????n??v?n??? ?nd abundance of f??tur??, Nexus ?? the ult?m?t? ?h???? for a magazine t??? w?b??t?.

Nexus WordPress Premium Theme


C?t?g?r?: P?rf?rm?n??, Creative

Although ?r??t?d ?n 2015, Un??d? w?? r???ntl? revamped ?nd r?-?ntr?du??d ?n l?t? Jun? 2016, f??tur?ng ??x?l ??rf??t ?r??t?v? th?m? with amazing ?tt?nt??n t? detail. B??ng a t?? seller among the 30 all-timers on ThemeForest, this th?m? b???t? 30+ ?r?-m?d? ??n???t? for you t? ?h???? from. With ?dv?n??d grid, ?nh?n??d V??u?l C?m????r ?nd a ??l??t??n of pre-made t?m?l?t??

Uncode WordPress Premium Theme


C?t?g?r?: Cr??t?v?, Multipurpose, Tr?nd?ng

Th? unique tw??t ?f mult??ur???? f??tur?? w?th a ?r??t?v? t?u?h ?? surely r?fr??h?ng! Add t? th?? th? ability t? ?h???? fr?m 100 pre-made demos, h?v?ng 24 d???gn ??n???t?, 84 ?r?f?????n?ll? m?d? shortcodes ?nd ?ll th? n??????t??? – gr??t ?u???rt & documentation, responsiveness ?nd mu?h more.

Bridge WordPress Premium Theme


Category: P?rtf?l??, Cr??t?v?, Bu??n???

A stunning, ??m?l? portfolio & bl?g theme from the ?r??t?r? of CSS?gn?t?r. Enjoy multiple options ?n ??ur ??rtf?l?? d??hb??rd and b? ?ur? t? u?? the fl?x?bl? homepage, wh??h allows ??u t? m?d?f? ??ur website’s l??k in no time ?t all while choosing ??lumn numbers, layout, contact f?rm? ?nd ?? mu?h more.

Mozzy WordPress Premium Theme


Category: P?rtf?l??, One page, C?r??r?t?

In???t??n ?? th? perfect one-page ??rtf?l?? theme, w?th b??ut?ful CSS3 animations, smooth section transitions, a ?u?t?m?z?bl? f??t?r, and Google Maps ?nt?gr?t??n. All ?f this m??n? th?t ??u can ????l? ?h?w???? ??ur??lf ?nd your bu??n???, r?g?rdl??? of whether ?t’? ?nl?n? ?r ?ffl?n?. And w?th ?t? b??ut?ful d???gn, Inception ?? a theme that w?ll leave a fantastic ?nd l??t?ng f?r?t ?m?r?????n ?n your visitors.

Inception WordPress Premium Theme


Category: Cr??t?v?, Portfolio

Part ?-??mm?r?? store, ??rt ??rtf?l?? – the Nordic th?m? ?? ?v?r? inch ?n ?nl?n? t?l?nt-?h?w????ng tool. On th? l?ft, ??u’ll find a v?r??t? ?f fun?t??n?l ??t?g?r??? th?t ??n be ?u?t?m?z?d t? ?u?t you, and ?n th? ??nt?r you’ll b? ?bl? t? ?xh?b?t ?x??tl? what you d?, in style! It’? a full? r????n??v? w?b??t? th?t utilizes Ajax effects t? th??r fullest – m?k?ng it ???? to ??h??v? a ?nt?r??t?v? w?b??t? that ??m?l? ??z?? ?t???ng ??w?r!

The Nordic WordPress Premium Theme

An Important T?? b?f?r? updating a WordPress th?m?:

If you want to edit the code of your theme, you must use child themes, if the theme you use hasn’t provided a child theme, you can easily build one with Easy Child Theme Creator.

With the number of WordPress Themes I’ve listed and reviewed above, I would not imagine you finding it difficult to pick the perfect WordPress theme for your website.

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