Educational WordPress themes

Every educational institute must have a good, well designed and well maintained website, and that is solved with Educational WordPress themes. Be it a school, college or university, having a nice website is essential for them as it reflects your institute’s success, importance and value. It has been noted that nowadays interaction between students and teachers through email and social networking websites has increased showing good results and better learning.

In fact you can see that the better the institution is, the better is its rating on web. But having good professional website being made can be really expensive. So how can you build cool website of your institute without spending a lot of money? Well, the answer is really simple: by getting a well suited WordPress theme! WordPress is the most popular and widely used platform for making websites, and the awesome thing about it is that a plethora of themes in many different categories are available out there. Most of the times, themes are especially designed to meet the specific requirements and functionality of a certain type of websites.

Apart from the availability of themes, a lot of plugins are also available, which further makes customizing a website really easy. These plugins can be used for enhancing your theme’s functionality, taking security measure to protect your website, increasing its usability or speeding it up etc. Having a good photo gallery about your institute and the life in it also attracts more students. Many portfolio plugins are present, which can help you display your images in a better way.

So if you are planning on creating a new educational website or you wish to revamp your old one, you should definitely check out pre-designed educational WordPress themes. A huge amount of educational themes is available and finding the good ones is not an easy task. So in order to help you find the best ones, without even spending your time, today we have a collection of some really amazing themes. Most of the themes in this collection are paid, but a few are also free of cost. Check them out and pick the ones you like the best!

Grand College – WordPress Theme For Education

Educational WordPress Themes - Grand College WordPress theme

Peekaboo WordPress Theme

Educational WordPress Themes - Peekabo WordPress theme

EduBLOG WordPress Theme

Educational WordPress Themes - Edublog WordPress Theme

Education Theme

Educational WordPress Themes - Education WordPress Theme

Kid’s Voice School WordPress Theme

Educational WordPress Themes - Kid’s Voice School WordPress Theme


Educational WordPress Themes - EducationTime WordPress Theme

Graduate THEME

Educational WordPress Themes - Graduate WordPress Theme

WordPress University

Educational WordPress Themes - WordPress University Theme


Educational WordPress Themes - EduPress WordPress Theme

Enterprise Theme

Educational WordPress Themes - Enterprise Theme for WordPress

University WordPress Theme

Educational WordPress Themes - University WordPress theme

Govard WordPress Theme

Educational WordPress Themes - Govard WordPress Theme

Lexington WordPress Theme

Educational WordPress Themes - Lexington WordPress Theme

Education Style WordPress Theme

Educational WordPress Themes - Education Style WordPress Theme